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Simon Diamond G
2300 Bld Père-Lelièvre CSP, CP 56035
Québec, QC, G1P 4P7

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Services we offer locally. (Non-local requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis)

All the following services are offered locally only (Quebec, Canada). Only rare cases will be accessible worldwide. Send an email to find out if you can join any of these services. Each case will be carefully analyzed and the confirmation will be sent to you by email.

Simon Diamond G


Simon Diamond G repairs any jewel, each case is a unique case and deserves special attention. With our skills, we are able to do almost any intervention on a jewel.

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We can transform your model already printed in wax or resin into metal. You can also take advantage of the modulation and 3D printing service we offer to transform it.

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We can create any corporate jewelry for your company or organization. From the graduation rings, to the thanks of years of seniority, through the jewels of sports tournaments, we can fulfill your desire for satisfaction.

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If you have a jewel that suffers damage during a disaster, we can refurbish them or modify them to be waerable.

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If you have your 3D printing model and you want to print it for processing, you can have this service with our company. We can also draw it for you.

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If you have jewels that no longer serve you, we can remodel them and make them a unique jewel to the taste of the day that you will wear.

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Price list (CAD)

Professional 3D design service :

100 $ (with the photo of the final rendering) (Professionnal)

(Refunded in the final price if the project is approuved and completed)

(*No refund if the project is started and canceled after customer approbation)

Professionnal 3D Printing service :

Between 40 $ and 120 $

(Varies according to the complexity of the project and the print format)

(Shipping is not included in 3D printing.)

(*No refund if the project is already printed after customer approbation obviously)

Professionnal Casting service :

Between 40$ and 60$

(Varies according to the complexity of the project and the print format)

(Shipping and metal are not included)

Disaster recovery service :

Variable (Estimate)

(Varies depending on the condition of the jewel and the parts to be replaced.)

The remodeling service :

Variable (Estimate)

(Varies with deserting and the state of metals)

(Take note that half the weight of the new design will have to be new metal.)

The corporate jewelry service :

Variable (Estimate)

(Variable according to the project and the type of supply used.)

*Deposit required at the beginning of the project. No deposit refund if the project has been approved by the client and later canceled if the work is started.